all events for the weekend are at the venue so follow the directions on this site

friday may 20 - settle in, enjoy new hampshire and say hi

the welcome picnic is at 5 pm but come say hi whenever you want!

we will be hanging out at the venue, eagerly awaiting your arrival, decorating, relaxing, exploring, and catching up with everyone

bring some extra camp chairs and blankets (if you can) to stay warm

saturday may 21 - hang out, wedding at 3 pm

3pm wedding ceremony, dinner, and dancing
dress code: dress up, feel good, stay warm, wear what you would to any other wedding, karl would wear a suit and maya would wear a dress or a nice jumper->
swing by the venue during the day to say hi and go for a hike, play yard games, and relax

sunday may 22

sunday morning may 22 we will be hanging around the venue area to finish the clean up and blast off into our marriage

feel free to swing by in the morning to send us off


a note on gifts

we are grateful to have everything we need and our tiny apartment is already at capacity. the only thing we ask for is more time with all the people we love – be that in may or down the road, whichever is most feasible for you. if you feel the need to give a tangible gift,  you might consider a donation to:

wikipedia: for the unbiased democratization of knowledge


your local NPR station

(or maya’s home NPR station)


covid is still likely to be a thing by the time our wedding date comes. fortunately our wedding venue is outside, and the reception will be in a tent. however, in the spirit of caring for others at this gathering, we ask that you are vaccinated or get a negative covid test before arriving. we suggest to have a rapid covid test on hand as the weekend approaches, just in case your situation changes. if this ends up being the case, please reach out to us so we can try to make the best of it.