about us

we had our first date at a blues concert in brighton, ma on march 5, 2020 – exactly eight days before all students were kicked out of plymouth hospital, where maya was finishing her midwifery integration/residency. on march 16, 2020, it seemed like the world might be ending and karl fearlessly invited this girl he’d known for 12 days to move in with his parents in upstate ny. thanks to the remarkable generosity and hospitality of karl’s parents, the endless support and wisdom of maya’s parents, a lot of time in the mountains, and many hot tub and stargazing evenings, here we are!

this is maya

  • from kenai, alaska
  • currently a midwife at brockton neighborhood health center
  • previously worked as a butcher, fisherman, and hot pepper picker
  • likes to cook, eat, nap, shower, hike, garden, xc ski, throw pots
  • listens to a lot of npr, politics podcasts, lizzo, punch brothers
  • learning how to sew, mountain bike, downhill ski, run
  • cares about family, community, reproductive rights, real food, mountains and plants and fresh air and the ocean!
  • has grown to love bbq and watching professional bike racing since meeting karl

this is karl

  • from nineveh, new york
  • currently a product manager at sartorius – a biopharm industry vendor
  • previously an r&d engineer and project manager
  • likes to bike, ski, hike, run, nap, travel, explore, take photos, problem solve, bike, bbq, and cook,
  • enjoys taking on new goals and challenges, like racing and ironman
  • will likely jump in the car or on a plane for a new adventure
  • primarily listens to blues, jazz, rock, and anything in between
  • cares about family, community, scientific process, women’s rights, and the planet
  • since meeting maya, has learned the joy of berry picking, how to live more sustainably, and that she is usually right